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Responding to a request for tender, proposal or EOI involves some specific, technical writing skills that may not come naturally to your team.

Our specialist service helps you improve your internal process for tendering in several ways:

  • We improve your tendering chances before the document even gets to us by showing your team how to write clear, concise and compliant bids.
  • We help you to work more effectively with us. We’ll show you what our tendering approach involves and help you understand it, creating a more streamlined and efficient process each time we work together.
  • We give you the opportunity to reflect. Whether successful or not, debriefing on the tender process after award of contract is an essential step. Using our own observations and essential feedback from the evaluators, we explore the strengths and weaknesses of your process to promote continual improvement.
  • This process works both ways. We also encourage feedback from you so that we can continue to tailor our delivery to more effectively meet your needs.
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