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Understand it
Even before the finer points of strategy and message, you need to understand the request. We help you identify what the tender request is asking for, and the company character behind it, so that you can align your words – and your values – with theirs. This may mean attending tender briefings, researching your potential clients’ background and priorities, or conducting full briefing sessions with your team.

Share it
A common vision is essential. By creating a skeleton document based on the requirements of the RFP, we brief your team on the key issues so that everyone understands them. This provides a basis for the writing, ensuring we’re all working with the same enthusiasm and to a common end.

Control it
Keeping track of the document is integral to keeping the whole show rolling. We are methodical and disciplined, tenacious and diplomatic, to ensure that content comes in when it should, goes where it needs to, and follows a logical path from first draft to the final product.

Anyone who’s worked on a tender knows that it’s possible to spend an inordinate amount of time on ‘search and rescue’ missions to locate and update staff CVs, company information, project descriptions and other material that really shouldn’t be hard to find. Even companies that maintain some sort of database often find that it languishes in a corner of the server, rarely updated, because once the tender’s submitted everyone has other work to get on with.

Outside the pressured environment of a tender deadline, we can work with you to make sure that your ‘tools’ are maintained and ready for action, saving countless hours during the frantic bidding period hours that can be better spent on the strategic task of aligning your message with the client’s request.

  • We work with you to generate a suite of frequently requested documents, such as company profiles, project summaries, staff profiles and CVs for inclusion in your tenders. These may be refined for each tender but will serve as a technical scaffold for your submissions.
  • We create a library of stock images and customised photography that accurately represent your company character.
  • We work within your existing database to keep it ‘healthy’, or start from scratch to build a suite of material that represents your company at its best.
  • We work with both in-house and proprietary systems for cataloguing and maintaining information, and have vast experience of what’s typically needed during tendering.
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